All Access: Henry Jackman - Episode 2 (Ralph Breaks The Internet, The Predator)


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Henry Jackman's versatility has always been one of his strongest assets as a storyteller. Henry has given us amazing scores across a variety of genres, and his ability to shift gears drastically from project to project is nothing short of impressive. On our last All Access with Henry we covered a lot of ground. This time we still do plenty of ground covering, but with more focus on recent projects such as Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, The Predator and Ralph Breaks The Internet. Henry reminds of his amazing path to becoming a composer including working with Hans Zimmer and what he remembers from his first solo score with Monsters vs. Aliens. Henry also talks about the phone call he had with Alan Silvestri about scoring The Predator, which happens to be one of Henry’s favorite scores and the reason why he fell in love with film music. Other topics include what characteristics a great director needs to have, tackling different genres, the recipe for doing sequels, and Henry talks briefly of what we can expect from his work in 2019. Henry helps us close out 2018 with another wonderful All Access!

Interview Produced & Presented by Kaya Savas

Special Thanks: Henry Jackman, Matt Justmann, Allison Swift

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