Klimat – Climate action


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KLIMATAKTIVISMThe danish comrades from the action group KlimaKollektivet (climate collective) will cross Öresund to talk about climate activism. They’re an anti-capitalist and feminist action group that have their roots in the COP15-protests back in 2009. They work with direct action as their tool in the fight against what they identify as the underlying causes of climate change. This lecture will be held in english.

The talk will focus on why the climate struggle is an anticapitalist
struggle, what that means and how it should be reflected in our analyses and actions. They will share their experiences with different forms of direct actions and give concrete examples and ideas for how other groups and individuals could take action themselves. They will also give their analysis on where the European climate movement are at the moment and what direction it should be heading, building on succeses of direct
actions in Europe the last couple of years.


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